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Angelina, Jennifer and Nicole

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Angelina Jolie was excited with the new script that she was reading. She liked the story that reminded her of a lesbian bar version of Cheers. Her beautiful eyes lit up as she envisioned herself playing the part of Annabella the alluring seductress. As she read the script Nicole Kidman came to mind as the straight woman who comes in the bar not knowing that it is a lesbian hangout. Angelina thought how perfect Nicole would be for the part of Tiffany. She immediately called the studio and had them send Nicole a copy of the script and offer her the part of Tiffany.

Two weeks later Angelina was disappointed when she got a call and was informed that Nicole declined the role but was assured that there was no shortage of good actresses that would be thrilled to play the part. Angelina was not one to give up that easily and convinced the studio not to offer the part to anyone else until she talked to Nicole herself. Angelina had met Nicole but did not really know her. After acquiring the Australian beauty's phone number she made the call and was invited to her home the next day to plead her case.

When the exotic beauty arrived at Nicole's home in her black pants suit, she was ushered in by the maid and guided to a dinning room and asked if she wanted anything to eat or drink; she settled for a cup of coffee. After a few minutes the maid returned with a pot of coffee and two cups. As the maid was leaving Nicole glided in the room wearing white shorts and a black blouse. Angelina arose to greet her, they embraced and exchanged pleasantries. Nicole said, "I'm impressed, the studio sent their top star to sell me on the movie! It is flattering that they want me but I really don't have any desire do a lesbian movie; it's just not me."

"The studio didn't send me. It was my idea to have you play the part of Tiffany; when I read the script you came to mind right away. You are perfect for the part; together we can make this into a blockbuster film. You are a great actress and your beauty will be the added ingredient we need to make this project a huge success. Please consider it."

"I don't know what to say. I just can't picture myself playing a lesbian but Tiffany is a straight woman that gets seduced; it might be interesting. Let me think about it and as soon as a decision is made I will give you a call. Who else is in the movie?"

"Most of the parts have yet to be cast but Jennifer Tilly will be playing Meg the bartender; she played that role in Bound so convincingly. Do me one favor, when you do decide, give me a call but don't tell me over the phone, come over to my place and tell me face to face."

"I will read the script again but I must say that it looks more attractive already with you and Jennifer in it. I look forward to seeing you again soon." Nicole walked Angelina to the door, they kissed goodbye, their bodies pressed together, and when she felt the full lips on hers Nicole was stunned to feel her arousal building. When they parted, Nicole couldn't understand her attraction to another woman; Angelina recognized the desire in her eyes and smiled. Having men and women fall under her spell was nothing new to the sensuous siren.

Ten days later Nicole went to Angelina's home and agreed to do the movie. She said that her agent would contact the studio to work things out. They enjoyed lunch and both women looked forward to working together. Once more there was a long kiss and embrace as they said goodbye. Nicole was flush and trembling as they gazed into each other's eyes. Nicole was confused by the other woman's power over her as Angelina looked at her like a cat looking at a mouse and knew that she would soon seduce the classy actress.

Two months later Angelina, Jennifer, and Nicole were on a private jet to Germany. The setting for the movie was an American owned bar in Berlin that was frequented by army wives, business woman, tourist, and locals alike. Kristin, a former model that settled in Berlin and bought the bar would play herself in the film. Most of the women that lived in Berlin spoke English as well as their own language. While winging across the Atlantic ocean they drank champaign and enthusiastically discussed the upcoming movie. Nicole felt the moisture form between her legs as the two women constantly touched her thighs, face, and neck while whispering in her ears. Both Angelina and Jennifer wore low cut tops that could hardly contain their ample breasts. Nicole was bewildered by her heighten state of arousal.

The girls were tipsy by the time the plane landed, they exited the jet and were whisked into a waiting limousine. The girls sat in the back seat with Olga Hyndman; Olga wrote the best selling book (Butch in Berlin) and was directing the movie. Olga wore a black pin-striped suit, had short brown hair, was somewhat stocky, and if it were not for her huge breasts the 42 year old dike would be mistaken for a man. Olga exclaimed, "This is a dream come true for me. I intend to make this the best movie of it's kind and with the three of you we can pull it off. I estimate the filming will take about four months, if that, and you will live the lesbian lifestyle until the filming is complete; this move is going to be authentic, realistic, and you girls are going to receive every award there is for your roles, not to mention best picture."

This bold statement startled Nicole and she queried, "I am straight, how can I be a lesbian for four months? That is insane."

The authoritative dike stated, "Don't be silly little one, you will do it and you will love it. Every woman possesses the desire to make love with another woman but some never live it out, that's all, poor things just don't know what they are missing." The long black limo made its way up a lengthy driveway that led to a sprawling mansion outside the city. The driver opened the door for Olga and her guests, she was lovely even in the tuxedo she wore, it was plain to she that the 21 year old blond was stunning. They walked up the steps, past huge pillars and the door was opened by a brown haired curvaceous beauty wearing a reveling French-maid uniform. The three actresses were escorted to their rooms and instructed to shower, put on the clothes that were laid-out on their beds, and join Mistress Olga in the main dinning room.

On each bed there was a note explaining that the clothing was from the wardrobe department and was what they were going to wear in the bar scene when Tiffany, played by Nicole, unknowingly stumbles in to the lesbian bar. As each woman descended the spiral staircase they were directed to the dinning area and served burgundy wine. When Olga joined them they all complimented her on the exquisite dinning room and the fine wine. After feasting on lobster tail and a delightful blueberry-cheesecake the sexy maids kept the wine glasses full. After assuring Olga that they all knew their lines they retired to a colossal room with a full size bar and some elegant furniture.

Olga sat on a plush sofa and directed them to do the scene. Nicole left the room and reentered, she looked lovely in her white dress. Jennifer was behind the bar wearing pink hot-pants and low cut pink T-shirt. Angelina sat at the bar looking hot in a short black skirt and a red tank-top that could not contain her ample bosom. As she entered the room Nicole was visibly upset as tears ran down her cheeks. Angelina stood, clutched the upset woman's shoulders, sat her down on the barstool net to her and inquired, "What is wrong with you honey? I hate to see a beautiful woman cry. Let me buy you a drink and you can tell me all about it. What would you like?"

"A martini please. My husband owns the insurance agency down the street and I decided to surprise him for lunch but I was the one who got the surprise when I opened the door to see his secretary spread out on his desk and he had his face buried between the slut's legs. I just stormed the hell out of there and ran down the street, when I discovered this place, I thought a good stiff drink would do me some good!"

Jennifer mixed the martini and went easy on the vermouth and generous on the gin. Angelina put her arms around the distraught woman in an effort to comfort her and stated, "My name is Annabella honey, what is your name?"

"My name is Tiffany, I hate to burden you with my problems but you are so nice. Thank you so much for the company."

Jennifer served the martini to Tiffany and a rum and coke for Annabella. When offered money she said, "No, this one is on the house and my name is Meg."

Tiffany said, "I hate to go home and face the bastard. I feel like such a fool, all this time I believed he loved me and was true. I don't know what to do."

Annabella said, "Meg finishes her shift soon; why don't we all go to her place and get stoned? You can wake up in the morning and then decide what you want to do."

"Thanks, that sounds great but I couldn't put you to so much trouble, you have been kind enough."

Meg blurted out. "Nonsense, we would throughly enjoy making you feel better." Meg and Annabella made eye contact and smiled at that statement. A few drinks later Meg's relief showed up and the three of them went to the next room at Olga's direction and pretended it was Meg's apartment. They drank heavily and smoked some weed for awhile and then Tiffany was guided to the bedroom. The movie scene called for them to disrobe Tiffany, strip, and get under the covers and pretend to have sex but all pretense at following the script was abandon when Angelina nursed on Nicol's breasts while Jennifer dove between Nicol's legs and lapped her wet cunt while vigorously jamming two fingers in and out of the steaming slit.

Nicol gasped, "Oh my, oh, this isn't in the script!"

Angelina replied. "Forget the script for now sweet-thing, we are going to have some fun. How is she doing on your pussy? Does it feel good?"

"Yes, oh yes, it feels sublime. I feel like a fire cracker ready to explode. Sooooo good, yesssss!"

Angelina decided that Nicole was making too much noise. She released the rubbery nipple from her mouth, squatted over her face, lowered her dripping pussy to Nicol's lips and urged, "Yes baby, kiss my pussy lips, suck my clit, then stick your little tongue up my hole as far as it will go. That's it, just like that, yes, suck baby, suck. Eat it all up baby, your fucking face was made for me to sit on and your mouth was designed to pleasure my hot honey-pot! Yes, take it, drink it all up, oh hell yesssss!" They indulged in the oral orgy for over an hour with Angelina and Jennifer exchanging places several times until they collapsed in exhaustion.

They gasped when the Naked Olga walked over to the bed wearing a 10' pink dildo, it was very thick and lifelike. Nicole screamed out when the dildo penetrated her love box. Angelina and Jennifer once again took turns sitting on the redhead's face while the dike pounded her pussy violently. Nicol was uttering muffled groans of pleasure, Olga's huge sagging tits bounced up and down as she pummeled the pretty pussy. Nicol's slender legs wrapped around Olga's waist and rested on her plump buttocks. The redhead humped back with fervor and thrilled to another glorious orgasm. Olga taunted her saying. "So you are the little slut that said that she was not a lesbian and here you are slurping up pussy while a dike fucks you with her big dildo. You love it don't you slut? I'm going to make you my pussy licking little bitch. By the time I get through with you, my little slut, you will be begging to eat my sloppy cunt and for me to fuck you with my dildo."

Olga grabbed a fistful of red hair and pulled Nicole off the bed and over to the sofa. The demanding mistress sat down and ordered Nicole to get on her knees and suck the cock that brought her so much pleasure. Nicole submissively knelt and wrapped her lips around the rubber cock and sucked lovingly tasting her own pussy juice on the dildo. Olga smiled wickedly, took off the strap-on, spread her chubby legs wide, and used her hands to open her big cunt lips and invited Nicol to eat her cunt by saying, "You have been a good little girl and mommy has a nice juicy reward for you, feast on my cunt and eat it all up bitch!" Nicole gazed wide eyed at the swollen pussy lips dripping girl juice, the protruding clit that looked like a tiny dick, the lush brown pubic hair surrounding the wide cavern with pink walls, and the strong smell of the overheated pussy that was overwhelming. The confused movie star found the view and smell both offensive and arousing at the same time. She was astonished to find that the feeling of being debased and humiliated was sending shivers down her spine and her pussy was twitching and flooding. The thought of orally satisfying the nasty cunt just inches from her pretty face made her feel so perverted and naughty.

Suddenly Olga pulled her by the back of the head to her sopping cunt and demanded, "Eat mommy's cunt bitch, that's it lick it like a cat licks milk. Yes, chew on my pussy lips and suck the clit. Put your whole face in there bitch. Get used to it because you are going to be spending a lot of time with your face in my cunt. Yes, suck it dry, lick it all up, oh baby mommy is going to cum all over your pretty face." Angelina and Jennifer watched spellbound as most of Nicol's face disappeared from view when her head was pulled violently into the drenched cavern. While holding Nicole's face tight to her sex the dike shook and humped with vigor and washed the beauty's face with pussy juice and cum.

When Olga finally let go of her head Nicole chocked and gasped for air. The movie star was quite a sight sitting on the floor naked. Her face was red from the friction of face fucking the nasty cunt and it was glistening with pussy juice. Olga ran her fingers through Nicol's hair and praised her by saying, "You were fabulous little girl. I want you to know that I have had more women than I can count go down on me but none have ever brought me the pleasure that you just did. Your beauty, your natural ability, and your eagerness to please has won me over and from now on you are my little girl bitch and I am your mommy that will always have a wet, juicy cunt for you slurp up! You love my big nasty cunt don't you slut?"

Nicole looked up at the big bad dike and submissively cooed,"Yes mommy, I love the juicy treat that you let me eat. I am your little girl slut and you are my delicious mistress." The two other actresses just stared at each other in disbelief. They all went to separate bedrooms and were told to get some sleep so that they would be ready for the next day's activities.

Nicole was in bed thinking about what happened when she heard a light tap on the door. "Who is it?"

"It's me Angelina, can we talk for a minute?'

"Sure, come in."

The alluring seductress entered the room wearing only a sheer lavender nightie that left little to the imagination, she sat on the bed, ran her fingers through Nicole's hair and softly murmured, "You are so beautiful Nicole, I just wanted to see if you were alright after the way that dike used and abused you. You seemed to enjoy the way she mistreated you or I would have stopped it. Do you really want to be her bitch?"

"Well, I have decided to go along with it until the shooting is over and then leave it behind me and go back to a normal life. The role of a submissive is strangely titillating, there is a certain feeling of letting go that fills me with an obscene carnal lust that is hard to describe. I am definitely in character to play the role as Tiffany. This movie should be great."

Angelina leaned over and kissed Nicole full on the lips. The sensuous kiss made the hair stand up on Nicole"s arms and sent a wave of desire flooding through her lean frame. The exotic beauty kissed her neck, ears, and down to the pointy pink nipples where she lingered, kissed, sucked and nursed on Nicole's breasts. Leaving a wet trail behind her; the sensual lips kissed, licked, and drooled down Nicole's inflamed body, she lingered at the navel, thighs, and sparse patch of red pubic hair before she assaulted the hot honey-hole with her mouth and tongue. Nicole squirmed and squealed in sheer delight as the sexy mouth devoured her pussy. When Angelina moved to a sixty-nine position and lowered her dripping cunt with a small patch of dark pubic hair to Nicole's lips; she eagerly licked and sucked the juicy clam. After several blood-tingling orgasms the girls relaxed in the afterglow of their torrid lovemaking.

Angelina pouted her full lips and implored, "Forget about that bull-dike and be my baby. You don't need to be controlled by her; we can have a much better time together than you could ever have with that domineering bitch. You are fantastic and so beautiful; I am happy just gazing into your beautiful blue eyes."

Nicole laughed and Angelina gave her a puzzled look and asked what was so funny. Nicole lovingly answered, "It is funny that you find me so beautiful when you are the most dazzling woman that I have ever seen. Until today I hadn't even thought of having sex with another woman but your stunning beauty has me captivated. I am glad that you feel like that because so do I. My career as a submissive slut with my mistress is over; it has to be the shortest relationship ever. I will put the dike in her place."

"She is big so you better be careful; I will help you."

"Thanks but there is no need for that. You will be surprised how well I can take care of myself. I have had training and feel confident that I can handle the situation but it wouldn't hurt to have my luscious lover back me up." They kissed goodnight and Angelina did not go back to her room but decided to stay with her new lover.

Eye-brows were raised as the stunning couple descended the stairs holding hands. Olga was incensed and rushed to the couple and grabbed Nicole's arm shouting, "What the hell do you think you are doing? You dumb bimbo; you are my fucking bitch and now I will have to punish you and teach you a lesson not to fuck with me!"

Nicole spun around freeing herself from Olga's grip and kicked her in the stomach. While the stocky woman was bent over in pain Nicole got behind her, took hold of her ankles, lifted and plopped Olga flat on her face and then jumped on her back, twisted a chubby arm behind her, and informed the dike, "Your little game is all over now, got it? I am going to let you up now and we can be friends and make a dynamite movie or we can fight and I will kick your fat ass all over the place. The choice is yours; what will it be?"

The stunned, shook up, and totally defeated dike groggily got to her feet and announced, "My, my, you are full of surprises. The movie means everything to me and we can't have our co-star with any marks on her beautiful frame so we will be good friends and do the movie. I have always respected your good-looks and acting ability but now I am impressed with everything about you. You are very special and I appreciate the time we had together and after the picture is complete could we at least have a goodbye get-together?"

Angelina smiled and answered for Nicole saying, "If the movie is everything we are hoping it will be then you can share the bed with Nicole and myself for one night. It will be our way of celebrating and thanking you."

"Wow, as if I didn't have enough incentive. I will be looking forward to the end of the filming of a fantastic movie and spending the night with the two most beautiful women in the world. It doesn't get any better than that." They spent the rest of the day enjoying fine meals and frolicking by the swimming pool when Olga informed them that they were going to visit the "Pink Passion Place", it was the lesbian bar that the movie would be filmed at.

Angelina and Nicole both wore black short skirts, low-cut pink tops and heels. Jennifer decided to wear the pink outfit out of wardrobe. Olga was wearing a gray suite and tie. All eyes in the place were drawn to the knockout celebrities as they entered the club. They were ushered to a table just off the bar and joined by Kristin. The waitress quickly came over to take the drink order and was told by Kristin to run a tab and to put everything on her bill. Jennifer walked to the bar and introduced herself to Meg behind the bar and said, "I am going to be you in the movie!"

The 21 year old slender brunette gushed, "You sure look better in the uniform than I do. If I can be of any help just let me know. And I do mean anything, anything at all."

Noticing the girl behind the bar transfixed on her tits, Jennifer smiled and replied, "Thanks, I just might do that."

Jenifer rejoined the group and they all were discussing the movie. The filming was to begin in four days, it was agreed that locals would be cast and that they would start shooting the scenes at 4am. Kristin was an alluring beauty, she was built like Jennifer, the only difference was she possessed big green eyes and flowing red-hair. The club owner took Jennifer by the hand and led her to the dance floor. Nicole and Angelina joined them. Jennifer laughed when Kristin told her that she wanted to be with her before the bartender. Miss Tilly asked the bar owner, "Why can't I have both of you?"

Kristin held her tight and whispered in her ear saying, "For you, that can be arranged." They returned to the table and joined the group and smiled when they saw Olga had a new friend. The girl's name was Amy, she was a pretty blond with blue eyes, very thin, flat chested, and looked under 21. At Olga's suggestion they agreed to continue partying at the mansion. Before leaving Kristin provided a replacement behind the bar and Meg joined the group of lusty women.

Upon arrival they decided to go skinny-dipping in the pool. As if the scene wasn't erotic enough they were joined by the staff who were all drop-dead gorgeous. Instead of swimming a wild orgy ensued. Nicole and Angelina were joined by the beautiful blond chauffeur. Angelina was in sublime ecstasy as Nicole and the chauffeur took turns with her ample breasts and succulent pussy. Jennifer was squealing out in animal lust as tongues licked and kissed every inch of her heated body. The maids were busy pleasuring each other and Amy had her face buried between Olga's legs.

The maids brought drinks for everyone, several dildos for their mistress and announced that it was now show time. The women all gathered around Olga and her new friend. The chubby older woman forced the timid girl to eat-out her smelly ass just as she had done with her horny pussy. To further humiliate the submissive girl Olga had Amy suck her toes and lick her big feet clean. Putting on the same strap-on that she had used on Nicole, the domineering dike bent Amy over and fucked the girl's tight pussy unmercifully. It seemed cruel to the actresses until Amy screamed out in ecstasy and then they realized that the girl loved every minute of her defilement.

Olga kept her submissive new lover bent over while she removed the dildo and strapped on another one that was almost as long but much thinner. Amy grimaced and shrieked when the long, skinny dildo entered her puckered anal passage. After about 10 minutes of the brutal assault on her butt-hole Amy seemed to change; instead of protesting she humped back at the intruding dildo and begged, "Yes, fuck my ass harder, hurt me where I poop! Do it, faster, harder, oh yessss, fuck meeeee!"

Jennifer approached the lewd display of wanton-lust filled females and grabbed Olga's mammoth tits from behind and then dropped a hand under the base of the ass fucking dildo, inserted three fingers into the sopping cave, then put her whole hand up the sloppy cunt, and then she made a fist and fucked the nasty pussy vigorously. Soon Jennifer had her arm in half way up to the elbow. Jennifer was amazed at how big the nasty cunt was and how the pig fucked the girl's ass harder as the actress ravished her cunt with her arm. The exhausted and spent dike finally collapsed to the ground, taking Amy with her. With a loud swish-plop sound Jennifer withdrew her cum soaked arm from the horny dike's raunchy cavern. When Olga thanked her for the fantastic orgasm Jennifer answered, "You're welcome but next time I am going to shove my arm up your fat ass. Amy can be your bitch but you are going to be my bitch."

Not wanting to go home the visitors stayed overnight. The driver went to bed with Angelina and Nicole. Amy went with Olga and Jennifer put her arms around Kristin and Meg saying. "Come on girls, I want your hot tongues all over my body again, I want your tongues up my pussy and ass. Worship my deliciouses body all night long, I could get used to this action, hell yeah!"

Over breakfast the next morning, actually is was afternoon when they got out of bed, they discussed the upcoming movie and expressed a need to get some rest before the start of the filming. They were weary but content. When they were alone Nicole told Angelina, "I was resolved to do this movie and then get back to my normal life but now I find myself dreading life without you in it."

"No need for that Nicole; there is absolutely no reason why we can't go back to our normal lives and maintain our friendship, a very close and special friendship at that. Ours is a relationship that we can cherish for the rest of our lives." As they embraced and gazed into each other's eyes they both realized that their feelings for one another went far beyond lust. At this moment they were aware that their mutual admiration was actually a deep and tender love.


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